Jeff Hart has lived and worked around the globe.

Hart received his first drawing & painting instruction as a child while living in Pusan, Korea. He has been drawing & painting ever since.  He formally studied oil painting for three years at the Montclair Art Museum's Yard School of Art in New Jersey.  Jeff then painted for several more years at the Alizarin Crimson Studios & Wet Paint Galleries in Florida.  

Hart received his first sculpting instruction while living near Athens, Greece, from a working artist called “The Mad Russian”.  Running her own kilns, this professional sculptor emphasized that work should present itself with clear attitude and, whenever possible, a touch of humor.  More recently, he studied sculpting at the Teale Street & Fine Arts Studios near Los Angeles, and then at the Artisan Bronze Foundry in Oxnard, learning the "lost-wax" method of bronze casting & patina finishing. 

He now lives with his wife in Los Angeles where he has his own studio.   Says Hart, "All of us are drawn, down our individual paths, toward universal beauty.  Creative forms with universal appeal fascinate me.  True creative beauty cuts across human boundaries like no other force.  And I hope to pursue this force until I can create no longer."